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Get Rich Quick! (GTS) RP
Being poor sucks. Don't really have much fun, and sometimes it can be just very awful. Such as your life. You're a female whose in her teens, works as just merely a housemaid or a slave (whichever one will describe how you're treated so choose before we start.) One day though, a young handsome man comes into town and you encounter him. One way or another, you try to get his attention, and he offers to make you rich! Although... a "price" is to be paid. Since this is the Medieval Times, you're given a quest. What will that entail?
a) GET THE LAMP! (The story of Aladdin is REAL! Head to the other side of the world to the desert and find inside a lamp. Inside that lamp is a genie. Return it to me, and I'll maybe leave you a wish.)
b) Find this liquid. (You should know of this well far in this deep forest. It's said that you drink the liquid of this well. It's to give you an advance, or immortality. Place liquid into the vial and return it to me. It wo
:iconthe-gts-writer:The-GTS-Writer 5 57
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The Shy Writer (Fiction Short Story)
    In a small bedroom up the steps in this even small two story home. We see a young man, sitting on the foot of his bed, typing away at his computer, his name... Cody. He's right now looking away at his laptop, bored, lonely, and sad...
    Cody's life is full of ups and downs. Some positive when he was praised for standing up for his own disability at school, and other times when his own girl used him and abused his quiet but kind soul. He's as broken as death himself.
    He could only find some sort of break from his reality in the means of the internet. He found a small site called DeviantArt. Starting off looking at what new things people can make, and then suddenly, he found this new thing of Role-Playing. He grew a fondness of write.
    Writing grew inside his mind, more than anything he could ever write before. Although his stuff wasn't as good when he started, but his confidence bloomed, and he started to find some sort of passion for
:iconthe-gts-writer:The-GTS-Writer 8 22



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Chapter 1 - "Mommy" Issues

    She tells me each day that the things I do are completely "raunchy" the videos I watch too "gory" those characters on my very laptop background depicts women in the most "twisted" ways she's ever seen, even though you could find sexy anime bitches with big knockers on absolutely any minors computer on earth. But the women that I have on mine depicts not any ordinary women, but yandere women.
* * *
    This is a straight forward story about my love and affair with probably the most psychotic killer you'll ever see or know in this entire life, and just because the title of this story suggests "love" in it, don't get the intention that this will be a love romantic story where the guy falls in love with a beautiful girl in the end. This is a story where no happy or even a sad ending, you'll find that the ending to this will leave you asking more questions than answers.

    So if you wish to stay and read about a story with two psycho killers making advantages to love their quote-on-quote "senpai" in any sort of unimaginable way possible, with sexy hot anime girls, big and small, a dumbfounded guy, and a school completely oblivious to the killing spree of so many of their fellow students inside this relatively beautiful academy, with of course, some of the most painful decisions made to character's that leave a horrible end. Then you've come to the right place.

    However, if you come here as a deredere, and all you come for is the love and romantic relationship for a yandere and a senpai, I suggest you just close out of this page now and take off from your laptop, tablet, computer, or whichever device you go online on, because somebody maybe watching you from above your window and is bound and determined to know everything about you, because everybody should know a yandere in your life. Consider this a warning to you. And of course, if you don't like anything giantess related, or gore stuff, then that's your problem, not mine, and I got no time for you.
* * *
    So, you stuck around I see; I predicted you just might. So to really begin this story, I'll begin to explain about my backstory for a little bit and how I become this psycho killer myself. as you already know now, my mother was a stern and a watchful women. She had eyes like a hawk on whatever I do immediately after I get home each day from school, so much so I can go right down to what the situation is like each day.

    "How was your day buckaroo!?" My mother, Rhea, would ask as she was preparing dinner for both myself and her too. I would come in meanwhile completely wiped out, my eyes bloodshot due to the long hours of the school day. I'd drop my backpack several feet onto the foot of the couch in the living room as if it was a great big boulder.

    "Fine mom," I say groggily, as I'd turn the direction to the kitchen and I'd sit on the floor, with just this cushion as excuse for chairs in the traditional Japanese way which I couldn't understand, and with the job she worked in, I ask her each day, "although I got a question. Why don't we buy an actual table and chairs to sit and eat?" I asked with eyes crossed at her, but were burning to me in comparison.

    Rhea would immediately preach about Japanese culture with me which made no sense in my book after all I spoke more clearer English than Japanese, except for maybe knowing a few Japan words like chan, san, and dere. She called the pillow case sheets we sit on are "tatimi floors" and they are most important to sit on this way.

    "It's the most formal way to sit here in Japan son, I don't need to explain it, your school teaches that stuff to you, right?" She would ask and I just shook. It was true some of the teachers would talk about japan tradition but their isn't specific culture brought up like sitting down on a floor, and how difficult can it be! My mother would scold me the moment I lay with my feet stretched out like I commonly do.

    "No! Males sit cross-legged honey. Get up and sit down appropriately." And this would take what feels like eternity because I'd explain to her that she should let me live like an american kid and stop treating him the way he should act, but she was resistant, and for awhile I didn't bother it too much.

    So one day I spoke to this to one of the young new students who I made "close" friends with, Ayano Aishi, was her name, and I told her my situation and she laughs and grins.

    "Well I can see your predicament clearly, my mom and dad were kinda like that towards me too, but I barely see them since they're out, but have you ever tried to just "ignore" your mother?" She'd ask me before class would start again and my face turned flushed as it dawned on me that I never thought of doing that before. It's at that moment that my mind slipped.

    "How was your day buckaroo!?" I hear Rhea call out to me when I got home with that same pleasant tone, but I didn't respond as I walked completely away from the living room and upstairs to my bedroom picking up my feet but stomping with urgency as I laid my heavy boulder sized backpack on my bed and I began to strip out of my uniform.

    "Hey I was talking to you! You got lots to explain young man!" Rhea shouted as she heard me forcefully stomping up the steps and she walked from her kitchen station and takes a yellow piece of paper out from a brown envelope that showed my report card for the overall semester. Not so good as it were.

    "Your grades are slipping! You have one detention for being rude to a teacher! And plus your behavior is getting worse! So WE NEED A TALK!" Rhea said with fury boiling inside of her, while I was all like whatever and proceeded to turn on my computer and start to munch on a daifuku, a sweet Japanese filled dessert, as I continued to listen to my mother bitch and moan when I then take a look at my knife. It dawned on me that I'm capable of killing anyone. Even my own mother.

    "Honey please come down!" She started to plea as she started to cough rancidly as her voice cracked. "I promise I won't lash anger on you." Rhea promised, but kept her hands in a fist, as I then grabbed my dad's old army knife and I stare at it blankly for a few seconds before clutching it in my hands tightly, and I take a deep soft sigh.

    "Yes mom, I'm coming down now." I say as pleasantly as I usually have my voice, as I waltzed downstairs with now just my t-shirt and jeans on, with of course tennis shoes, with my hand dirty with cream filling, and on the other, the hand on the blade. She then softly smiled warmly as she saw me, I retorted on doing anything yet.

    "Thank you honey bear." She said smiling with a wink, "tonight I made your favorite, it's been awhile when we had this after your father. . .well we don't have to speak about it now, but I just found the ingredients to this american food I know you love the most from McDonald's, so I made it specially for you." She said as she took a spatula and placed a burger on a bun and laid it onto a plate, as meanwhile I sat cross-legged on the cushion looking out at the house where "Ayano" lives and thought. Should I do it?

    "Hey mom. . .I have a question." I say hanging my head down, allowing my spiky brown hair to drop down to my face as i looked at the blade in my hands.

    "Yes Cody?" Rhea asked surprised a bit, but curious like any normal parent. "What's on your mind? I can do try and answer it."

    "If you had. . .well. . .had this feelings for. . .a person. . ." I say sounding confused as my knife was hidden now in my front right pocket. "You really liked the most. . .but. . .you didn't know how to approach him. . .or her." I say startling, as I held my knife tightly.

    Rhea smiles and giggles a bit, "hon, well that's not a hard question to answer," she said as she began to go in with dad again, "when I met your father, when he was in the marines in Tokyo, I admired his incredible physique, those red handsome eyes that reminded me of roses that bloomed on a spring day, and that lovely personality and kind nature he was." She said dreamily as her eyes swirled at the thought of herself, still wrapped in his arms. "Oh those days we had before he left a year after we got married and had you." She smiled and scoffed up my hair as I just stared still at the house, but she didn't think of nothing odd about it. My trance will break and I responded.

    "Thanks mom, that does actually answer my question. . .but if dad was still around. . .would you do anything for him?" I asked, as I slowly pulled the knife from it's safety place I call it, as I waited for an answer.

    "Well of course I would sweetie. . .what kinda question is that? It's very rhetorical, of course I'd do anything if he was here right now, to death I'd be here for him." Rhea said, as she smiled. "That's what I feel the same for you too. . .I love. . .AH!" She moaned as she felt this hissing pain contort in her left sternum, in her flowery dress she was wearing, a huge red stain was growing on her dress and she can smell the strong stench of fresh blood.

    I had a smile form out of my frown, as my eyes went big when I watched her start to bleed and the knife was still stuck in her sternum, "it's a rhetorical question huh? That's rich coming from someone who doesn't give a shit about what I think," I say as I then start to make a circle with the knife as I struck around other parts of Rhea's, my mother's tendon. "If you did, I wouldn't have to be so fucking confused with your stern traditions. I've told you over and over that I'm an american kid and I'm entitled to make my own decisions."

    "I-I-I'm only doing. . ." Tears began to form in her eyes and I frowned as I ceased the knife where it was as blood coughs out of her lips with the words she tried to say, as I didn't take any both to it.

    "What's best for me huh. . .well what if I told you what's best for me is what's wrong for me." I say as I stand up and walk closer to her, and I then touched her lips and shut them closed with two of my digits of my left hand, a creamy filling splattered a bit on her lips. "I do have actually someone who loves me for who I am, but I can't speak to her in case if you are wondering." I said with a now more angry voice "I love her so much, but I don't got the strength to ask her myself. . .so what I'm going to do is to take you back to daddy and I'm going to do this on my own." I say as I then grabbed the knife still driven in my mother's stomach tighter again. 

    Rhea began to cry like a young girl she was back before meeting my father, this was like a time she was abused by her brother whose in prison, the bullies down the street, and those assaulter's that she had to deal with when she went to college, but now her son was killing her, and she knew deep down their was no stopping him. He was strong, very strong, but not so well in the head. He was sick and needed care, but it was no telling what he'd do if she'd cross me, so she took the last few breaths she had to say this:

    "You go and talk to her Cody." She said behind those tears, but then a gasp came out of her face and her head dropped face down on the floor as the knife was now sticking out behind her back, as I just looked at her with this dazed, but crazy complexion.

    "Good night mommy." I say in my insane state, as I took a sigh, and when I heard no more breathing inside my mother's voice box, I pulled the knife out and bits of blood squirted back out, but immediately I began to clean the army knife and wrap it in cloth to disinfect like I would the following morning, as well as my mother's corpse, I wrap around the floor cloth that made up most of the table and I would wrap her inside it, and then after words her body would be stuffed in the wardrobe to be eventually sent out to sea. While I sat down in my mother's clean cushion, finishing my hamburger that she made, thinking to myself.

"Now your with dad, mom, you two be absolutely happy together like you ounce were." I thought to myself as I finished my super with a burp, "oh and also don't worry about me, I'll do just fine, but wish me the best when I do make Ayano Aishi, the Yandere girl at school, my senpai." I added before turning in that night.
* * *
    Many apologies for those of you who thought this would start right away to the day I met yandere-chan, but we will get to her and how this all lead to this in the next chapter, but this sets the stage for when things really start to get bad when my insanity peaked, and the killings I do now become brutal, but again. . .this does have to do with a male yandere. . .what would you expect.

Lovesick (A Yandere Simulator Fanfiction)
First chapter to my 10 chapter fan-fiction story on the game, Yandere Simulator"  There's going to be one of many things you'll expect to find in this story that if you don't know much about me, will know what I do: Harsh and weird horror themes, extreme violence/gore, znc a strong giantess fetish mixed in. That and more you'll expect to see more of in the coming chapters.

Let me know what you guys think below in the comments.
I've made up my mind here. . .as of now. . .I'm no longer RP'ing here. Sorry for this taking so long, but I don't think it hasn't been made any clearer. On my SHRINK-ME-Cody account, that's where i'm doing now most of my RP's at, if you wish to RP one of the one's still here, go to that account and send me a note and we can, but from now on I'll no longer be doing any RP here on this account. If you have a problem with that, please tell me. I know many of you who probably did click no on wanting to still write stories poll here probably said no cause of me no longer RP'ing, and if that's one of you. Please read this first. Thank you.

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(The following story is filled with clothes becoming too big, shrinking, POV of butt, breast, and cleavage; including cruelty with such as butt/breast/toes/foot/finger crushes, slavery, as well as using a human like a pet. And as well as smelly foot and butt. If you're not a fan of any type of crushes, smelly stuff, and tines. . . VIEWER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED. . .)

    "I want to rule the world," Daria Power tells herself each and every night before she would go to bed, like a prayer to god that one day she'll dominate all of mankind. Somehow.

    She would one day however rule the world. It's just your pretty average August day in Orlando, Florida. Hot, beautiful, and full of people from the eyes could see. To everyone it was a pretty nice even if not great day in late summer. The oceans are the right temp for everyone to swim out shore, but the sharks aren't so agreeing to that. So the whole shore was filled, so Daria was stuck ounce again at home. Alone with just her brother to egg her on to just deck him.

    Daria, on the outside, seems like your average young beautiful adult woman. At 18 years old. She had the body like a goddess with curves that were so large that bras would be too big for her cleavage to hold without her bones hurting and creasing them to shreds. She wears mostly L-tees that are mostly red and black colored with some random rock and roll band name on them. Her bottoms was pretty much the same problem, but of course she couldn't go out of the house without any on, so she wears what appeared to adults and horny high schoolers, as a "porn-thong." Black panties that are so tight that they'd leave a big pink reddish mark each time she wore them. Leaving her more irritated than those around her. But that just might be pushing it.

    She hates EVERYONE. Why? Well it could explain why she wants to rule the world so bad. At an early age of 8 years old. 10 years ago in September. Daria Power and the rest of her fellow students were preparing to do a rehearsal for a play on "Mary Poppins" in November. The girl loved drama, so much so that she'd go to theatrical plays whenever she get the chance, see movies with play like themes, and would sing the songs as best as she could. With the cutest voice ever, but at the same time. She had a weird early growth spurt.

    The doctors couldn't explain why, but with a weird gland in her body. It was effecting her entire bones to stretch and expand at exhilarating, but seemingly average speeds for a teenager at 14 to sense. Daria's case however. She was becoming a woman, but with a women. She was having her problems. And that was clothes. It was on this day that she started to wear big girl panties she'd call them since most of her other ones stopped fitting.

    "Mom... do I have to go to school with these?!" She complained. saddened. "Everyone's going to tease me, I know it." Veronica cried and pleaded for her to give her the pair she's used to wearing.

    "I'm sorry honey, but you're becoming a big girl now, and big girls can't keep wearing panties for children. The other ones were getting too big for you. Remember that one time." Her mother, Patrica, comforted her with her hand around her, "no one's going to care. You'll be fine." She smiled lovingly and the two embraced before leaving to school for the auditorium.

    On the bus ride to school. Her big brother, Dave, was directing the whole entire thing. Or at least in the way of Co-Directing. He was in the Drama club and was one of the most professional ones their, so they offered him the chance to work with an actual director for an upcoming middle school girl's play.

    Dave was your 18 year old 6'3 jock who was stacked, quite literally. He would work out twice every day and on weekends as well. Besides as a member of the Drama Club. Which he's admitted time before he hates, but has his reasons. However, at school he's an athlete whose in football. An awesome running back everyone cheers for him as. However, for Daria, he was anything but awesome.

    Even since Daria was a child. Her older brother would trample on top of her. Acting as if he was already an active football player in the NFL. He would hut and holler at the top of his lungs and lunged at her into the bed playfully, but as for his younger sister. She never liked it, but never told him that in his face. However, as much as she knows EVERYTHING about her older brother and all. She had no idea that he was in fact directing along with their current teacher.

    "Alright now please everyone get to your places please. No diddle-daddle." Mr. Eliot. The teacher and Director said sternly as he was sitting on one of the seats in the auditorium as he awaited for the girls to begin. Taylor Elliot was fairly one of the newest members of the school, but to Daria. Was like her older brother, but a teacher. Loves to tease on her the most it seems like as of this moment she stepped in and he would snicker. "Oh hi their Delicate Daria. Oh I mean uh Daria. Yes well just join the rest up backstage and will call you down for your roll."

    Daria simply frowns and rolls her eyes as she climbs up on the stage and runs down to meet with the others quietly to herself saying rather stubbornly. "Really. . .Delicate Daria. . .UGH! Well it could've been deluxe. . ." She waited and waited for a long time. Impatiently, she tended to mostly hit her leg on a prop and wrap her arms around herself, as she looked down with a frown.

    "Mrs. Powers. Your up!" Taylor blew from his horn, as it was so ear piercing. It made one of the girls on-stage to scream. "What?!" Mr. Eliot could be easily described as a guy whose very deaf and wants others to be deaf too. Daria groaned but proceeded up the steps and onto the stage. "Great now you know you'll be playing as Mary Poppin's herself. In this scene I want you to sing "Like a Spoon full of Sugar," Just like we rehearsed." Taylor reassures her and waited patiently for her at first.

    Immediately. Daria had stage fright. This wasn't her first stage-fright she's ever had, but would be indeed her last stage fright. Determined, Daria began to sing rather beautifully, but of course she had to do motions, so she twirled and continued to sing like a bird, as she twirled across the stage. Meanwhile. Dave realized who it was and watched with a grin. Surprisingly not saying a single word for the moment. It was when she reached the final verse of the song. Where she had to stop twirling her last twirl. Before not too long that her high tops -clodhoppers Daria liked to call them- heal slammed into a itty bitty crack on the middle of the stage and she lost her balance instantly and fell.

    Those shoes always gave her the worst of problems. They were so big that her big toe could just barely feel the leather end of her shoe, they were way too big for her feet, but this moment was unlike anything she's ever been. Her butt came down first but since her only attire underneath was a skirt, her crotch came up and her black thong appeared to the dismay of her fellow group, but Dave bursted out laughing with no reason at all. This was definitely no laughing matter but the teenage perv lashed out on his poor embarrassed sister.

    "HAHA! My sister's a nudist! HAHA! What a sick girl I turned out to have to call a sister!" Dave said during his rash laughter that was harsh at best. Daria laid on the stage with tears. While the girls laughed a bit too and it soon grew by the time she was leaving the auditorium.

    After the event happened. . .what do you suppose happen? Did Dave get punished for his immature manner? Did he get grounded? Was I able to get back into the play? Well the complete opposite of all those things happened to poor Daria. She was the one who had to take the blame. Her parents were furious to hear that she was unproperly dressed, and she was sent upstairs grounded with no evening dinner. Dave continued to laugh and joke about ti, but her folks simply ignored him, as the fuel in Daria's tank continue to burn in  fury. It was at that moment that little Daria knew that payback was going to be hell. She wanted to take over the world.

    That night. She was looking out over the night sky in her small 10x10 bedroom to see a falling stay shoot across the black sky, as she crawled out of her bed and spoke underneath the bed every child's way of wishing.

    "Star night, star bright, first start I see tonight. Wish I may. Wish I might. The first star I see tonight. Hopefully the last star these fools see. I want to rule the world. Everything reduces down with my mere image the last thing they'll see. Oh wishing star make me the goddess of Earth. Make me the satan who'll trample this world again. I want to rule the world! I want to rule the world!"

    And were back to the house where Daria was right now downstairs eating breakfast before she heard her brother's voice.

    "OH LITTLE DARI! You up yet!" Dave yelled as he was now 24 and lived at home still as she sighed and just covered herself in her cereal before she realized something.

    "I am! Let me eat breakfast now okay! What more do you possibly want!" Daria snapped with a hiss, as she peered to the right of the hallway that where her brother's room is.

    "Sorry, I didn't know that my little sister laid down the law. Let me repeat what I said with a your highness. Can you get me some water from the fridge. . .I'm really sweated." He said as he was taking long breaths with each word he said, as Dave's sweat was tricking down from his brow to his rock hard chest.

    Daria didn't respond, but got up and decided to give the punk his water, as she then stomped angrily mumbling to herself toward the fridge. Why did though her cereal bowl looked so much. . .smaller? She couldn't explain it, but it looked as though her bowl and her spoon looked smaller somehow. This started to began to show as the fridge too looked reduced because now her hand could touch the top of it, as her head always only came up to the door and she could just barely reach the edge. So did the water bottle looked way too small too.

    "What the hell am I drinking. . .it's like everything's getting smaller or something." Daria thought to herself, as she walked to her room before she was surprised by the sudden loud BANG! Of metal clatter somewhere nearby.

    "F--K! MY CHEST! OW!" Dave bellowed in pain, as his relatively pretty easy to pick up bar was now crushing his bones in his chest. It was causing his skin to turn red, and his breathing became hazily. As everything including Dave was beginning to shrink. Daria has no idea yet that her house wasn't the only thing on Earth that was shrinking.

    "What's wrong!" Daria yelled out surprised as she still held the glass in one hand and ten soon grabbing the door hastily with the other. The scene she saw was unbelievable! The first thing she noticed ounce stepping into the room was how much shorter it was now,

    The ceiling of Dave's room (made up gym) was now just scratching up to her head, leaving her to lean down. Her brother's situation surprised her. Why was the bar on his chest and was hurting him deliberately. It actually made her grin a bit. Loving seeing him in pain left butterflied in her stomach, making her giggle. Inside she loved this whole situation unfolding and was still going to this second.

    Daria's brother looks at her with complete confusion and disbelief. Why was she so laughing about what he was going through? It wasn't funny at all, but soon he managed to move it, as he got up and now was 5'11" unaware to him, as he rolled up and gave her a snarl.

    "What's so funny sis? Got anything to say for yourself?" He asked as he stood up and was shocked by the surprising height change. "H-how are oyu. . .so tall?" He asked as he was staring at Daria nearly almost less than eye level as his head just barely come up to her hairline.

    "Hehe I don't really know. . .but I love it." She said with a grin. "What's wrong my egotistic brother? Can't stand the fact that everything's starting to shrink? Well that's just part of life." Daria said with evil laughter as if she was plotting this all along.

    "Da F**K are you talking about sis!? What do you mean by shrinking?! Your talking insane!" Dave complained as he grinned and he grabbed Daria by the hair hard. "Get the f**k out of my room or so help me-!" He was manageable to say before another sudden shrink spurt occurred that caused even his clothes that he was wearing to slip down a bit.

    His jeans that came all the way up to his knees now were lengthening down to his shoes that were now feeling too big for his toes, and even his shirt was slipping down to his jeans. He looked like he was in grudge band as of this moment or some rap battle, as he was now five feet and seven inches tall.

    "I said. . .I DON'T KNOW!" She said sternly as it seemed now it wasn't even stopping, but inside Daria's psychotic mind. She was loving it and never wanted it to stop. As she watched her older brother slip down and down in size, as he started to only come up to her breasts which were now in his face, as she began her teasing, as her melons began to press against her little bro's face. "You remember how much you loved to tease me of growing quickly. Well now I'm an adult, and these puppies are still bigger than some of your sluts at college." Daria smirked, as she continued to press them before they engulfed his face, as now his underwear was slipping off him and his current height was now 5'3 and dropping.

    Just like Daria, Dave was completely shocked by what he was seeing, but he was not enjoying this dirty teasing that she was putting on him, in fact he could feel more and more powerless the more she'd play with him, as if she was a seductress that was so powerful that she could make all the men weak in her gaze, as he had to pull his pants up and by the time he reached her hips. He began to use force. Or as much as he had.

    "Aww. . .stop fighting it my little brother." She said with an evil grin, as she then slipped off her shoes and completely collapsed on top of him with a great big thud! Her crotch was now crushing his bones, and Daria was looking into Dave's scared expression, but it was met with devious intentions. "I'm going to love slaving you forever." She said, as she began to kiss him without care of incest.

    Dave instantly became unconscious pretty much and brain dead at the same moment as he was growing nonstop, and by the time Daria got him on the floor his clothes were now all off. What covered him now were the remains of now too small clothes, and at the same time the house was getting too small following the same reducing size as Dave, his whole room was making Daria look like a little child trying to fit in her doll house, her body was stuck in their, and eventually. . .it would all stop. By that moment, everything except for the room was smaller than Daria. Even outside everything was smaller right down to her city.

    Every human was down an inch tall. Every house was the size of those bathroom stalls or if even too small to just a trailer park they were the size of doll houses themselves. Cars became the size of toys and so were everything else. And skyscrapers were the size of pretty much the length and size of poles. Daria was at the moment the biggest person on the entire world, and just like everyone else. Dave was just an inch tall and he was nude to the waist down, and his meat was flopping and his muscles now looked flimsy and weak. And yes before you ask. Now he was underneath Daria's crotch or now pretty much her booty.

    "Hehe, man was those few minutes so fast, but so rewarding, but now. . .hmm. . .I think I'm going to take a walk outside." She thought out loud as she simply used her right hand to press the ceiling down and it came flimsy off like everything else. The wood was cheep as like cardboard. She giggles as she then stood up and looked in awe by how everything was so small. "Well look do you know Dave. Not only you shrank, but the entire world shrank too." She laughs gleefully. "My wish ahs come true."

    Meanwhile as for our good friend Dave. Daria got so much excited that a fart was held in for a good while or so, but it was mostly cause after all that  tuna casserole gave her a major belly ache last night, but soon it began to gurgle inside of her before it eventually got the strength to pull out and it came out in green gasses that were beyond smells that even Dave could've imagined and as Daria rose up that smell was ludicrous, it killed and shaved off every tree leaf and human hair (except for hers) IN THE WORLD! And still Daria had not a single care in the world.

    "This should be fun." She giggled, as she made a step over her house and began to stomp forward and noticed she stepped in somebody's home and she giggles. "Hehe, sorry for your tiny little house. . .not really though." Daria grinned as her toes stomped on not only the one story home but a family who were enjoying a B-Monster movie and her foot scrapped them off like bugs on a sidewalk.

    "I don't know what's going on, but. . .YOU BETTER LEAVE OTHER FOLKS OUT OF YOUR MESS DARIA!" Dave screamed but muffed as his face was stuck to her butt-cheeks as she laughed manically, as she then walked away a few steps back from the house and she planted her butt down on the folks who looked up in shock as Dave and Daria's ass met them and killed them instantly. Dave still survived the pain.

    "No. . .in fact I'd make every single person in the city a slave to me, but as for you. . .your becoming an annoyance." She said with a giggle, as she then grabbed him between her cheeks and brought him up to her eyes. "I did wanted to keep you alive, but now your testing my patience. . .and now I'm going to make you my pet."

    "Oh god!" Dave screamed in bloody terror as the ounce most talked about athlete at school was soon farted on in the face by his much more larger and dominate little sister,but this was just the start of the terror that was created inside Daria's mind.

    It would continue with her butt stinking and bleeding the noes of poor old Dave, and soon he picked him out with a squishing sensation as he was pulled out between her giant lobes of booty, and then she soon have him in her hands and in her eyesight, as she pulled him violently close.

     "But first I'm going to satisfy myself with me embarrasing you to everyone." She said with an evil grin, but really no one could see it because how much of a distance it was from the ground to Daria's waist, as she then began to use her massive hand, which by the way was the size of an entire mountain! She used her index fingers on her left hand and she was do her best and break off Dave's clothes.

    The pain and stress Dave was feeling was not comparable to the hell he felt when his clothes taired by Daria's sharp pointy nails revealing his streaking red tanned body! From his chest down to his feet were all numbed with pain, but not as worse as a pain as his carriage felt, very flat and tiny. Just like himself. Dave took all of this tourment without even saying anything.

    Not even this did Daria felt a sense of satisfaction, so she then began to press her close to his chest since afterall, he always thought they were small and unflavorless, she pressed him very close and hard against both of her girls, which were rubbing against his worn out dick which now looked like a short string.

    "Don't think my tits are anything! Come and feel them!" She said with rage as her rubbing got more and more brutal to where his head started to feel strained to it, if they could just burst his head would.

    "What the hell is all this about again. . .a stupid f'king prank at rehearsal." Dave thought remembering that depressing day, as he was proudly laughing the whole way home, his and her mom was disappointed in him, and thought no matter what day it was, it was "unneeded and uncalled for." Dave was never told that before cause he visioned himself as the "olympic hero." But this was very ridiculous for her to feel so much rage about this, but at the moment. . .it was hopeless.

    Daria's lust for power was just too much, and soon she got tired and bored with her caressing all over her little big brother. A sign or relief for Dave for now, but this all just was beginning because she still had plans to use him as a slave.

    "Now then for your job as a slave, you'll be rubbing my feet for a goddess like me." She said proudly to herself, as she then dropped him without care till his legs and arms began to fall numb and nearly felt like they could crack, but Daria was so persestent that she laid her foot on top of him already. "You'll be doing this for a long time, but don't worry you won't be alone." She said with an evil grin and then a vengeful laughter.

    "Like I got a choice." Dave said to himself as he then using his hands that were available for him to use and blocking the rotten dirty stench with his other hand as Daria was getting her recommended foot message.

    Right now the news of a shrunken Orlando and goddess Daria Power was heard all around the world leaving the people in shock at this simple little girl having so much attention, and even the president of the United States stumped and unsure what to do about that, but trumps only thought was maybe building that wall to keep her out as well. 

    We would probably never know for sure what happened to everyone in Orlando in the path of Daria's wake, but we know for sure that it was unpleasant end for all of them, especially poor Dave, who now is a rotting corpse still rubbing swiftly her sister's enormous toes.

The End

I Want To Rule the World (Macro Story)
Not my best I admit,but this one was a long time coming, and it did took me awhile to decide on what scenario I wanted to do for a girl who wanted to take over a world. Even though a premise like that doesn't sound hard, but I wanted to do something cruel and fun, so this was the best I did with this. I promise the next one won't seem so intense and weird as this. ^^; Let me know again underneath the comments and if you "LIKED IT! HIT THAT +fav  BUTTON IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS!"
Alright so one person have asked me why haven't I made a schedule when to RP and when to write stories on my other account, so since I've never thought of doing that. I decided to do that anyways, and this schedule will be both on here and on the other account since they'll both be related to both. This could be changed, so just know that these will be flexible due to the day, but I'll promise to make this fair.

On Weekends: Till Friday May 26th(graduation for me), these days will be my times where I'll have nothing much to do and have more time RP'ing and writing. Although I may not be on ALL THE TIME. I'll make sure I'll send a response if either you ask me, or when you're online, so just know.

RP'ing times: 9am till 5pm (This time is wide ranged because i find it allot easier for me to write at night than during the daytime, since it's been said writers can writer and get more ideas and be more creative during nighttime, and during the daytime it's just hard for me to type up stories, so what i'd like to do the most at this time is just RP. I'm usually up way before 9 and sometimes even 6, so expect me to at least beyond before or a little after 9:00 a.m. my american eastern standard time.  At 5 pm, I find this as a time where usually people are not much on, and a few maybe, but not much, so on weekends, I'll consider this a time where I'll switch to writing a story.)

Writing times: 5pm till 12pm (Like I said, this is the time where I have a strong creative mind and I feel so badly wanting to just type up a story. So these will be around the times where I'll write maybe one a time, but this doesn't mean I can't RP around here too, after all I know a few who do RP at night late, but this will be the time frame where I'll write mostly and go back to RP'ing till 12:00 midnight (again my time) to bed.

On Weekdays: Till again my graduation these are more specific than weekends, I after all still have school till May 23rd, till then I gotta make this schedule to split these two apart since it's most difficult here.

RP'ing times: 5:30 till 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 till 8:00 p.m. (In the morning before I go to school (which is 6:50 a.m before 7 I gotta get on the bus) I can find more time on finishing RP's sometimes than just write since I've just woke up and I find it easy. Sometimes I might be up even at 2 o'clock in the morning, but this same schedule does apply, but the difference here is when I get home at around 4, I'll only RP up till 8, because for one my mind is set off from RP'ing and I'd just like to take a break since I've had quite a day and I just would like to do what I want to do, and like during weekends I don't feel as though a whole lot of people are on, but this will be a moment at 8pm where I'll switch from RP'ing and to write.

Writing times: 8:00 till 11:00 p.m. (Again I still might RP at this time after I write, but this will be the time where I'll be more committed to do my next story. However, as times go when I go to bed here it's usually before 11 so I don't stay up as long as I used to I mean I could stay up all night a couple of years ago when I was a young teen, but now I just get tired all together at around after 9, but I still enjoy writing, so it's usually how I feel on a specific day.)

So this is my schedule for DA here, again this will be updated to the future, school is almost over for me in just two weeks (excluding weekends) till me (a senior) is done, but I thought I'd be generous to give my friends an idea when I RP and when I just want to write. Thanks allot and i hope this helps.

Have you missed me writing story's?
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Okay. . .so for I want to rule the world. I do have a plan for it, but I need a good female name for the main character. She's going to be cruel and going to be aroused of growing bigger. She doesn't much care for her friends who are littler than her, but eventually this would lead to her going over board with the whole "BIG" business. Can any of you GTS's, Goddesses, or tinies out their give me a good name? :3 Thanks.
"I Want to Rule the World" (the Macro  Story you all decided) is right now in construction. So I'd like to ask anyone who knows. . .what's up with all of the. . . FELLA -The Biting Pear of Salamanca (Badges)  I mean I know this is obviously a April Fools Joke, but. . . who really thought this up. :D And why is so many people doing stuff with this green thing that gives a strange resemblance to those living eggplants from Courage the Cowardly Dog to those Venus Fly Traps from Super Mario Bros. :D Probably sounds like I'm complaining, but... I don't really get it. :)
In about less than 2 months from now. On May 26th, 2017. I'm finally be graduating. :D (Big Grin) This might not really matter to some, but if you've been an RP friend of mine for awhile. This does mean allot to me. :) (Smile) Graduating Graduating Graduating
Some Macro Story Ideas
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For those who chose Macro Story. I'm going to add another poll which will determine on what story I'll do next. That other poll is opened always, so keep voting! :D
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    [Following after the two enormous titans, meaning of course Elizabeth and Carlene, who had finished exceeding their own max size. Surely someone had to be concerned about this whole situation. Well their was one person who at the same moment was. It was Liz's boss. Michelle.]

    Where was she exactly? Well her favorite place to be when taking the night off. At a strip club. How does she really get in when she's just 19 years old? Well like usually, her couple much older sweaty hot men would lie about her age to the securities faces that she's 25, and with her flirtatious ways, and her curvaceous looks. She can make anyone jump off a cliff. Quite literally.

    And like ordinary. She would be in bed with both of them. Her gentleman. Named Alex and Max, who are both about 6ft, and are built like masculine gods, are both laying naked with nothing on but their spandex boxers. Alex's which are camo and Max that are more blue flowery beach. Michelle was in something far arousing that made their bulges press against their shorts.

    Michelle was wearing her lingerie attire. Simply put, a black bra that was tied around her back, and below her waist, her panties. Tightly snugged around her impressive round booty with stockings that are tight around her calves as they stretched down to her feet, and she was meanwhile wearing no shoes what so ever. Her parents hated seeing her wear such a filthy and disgusting looking outfit around the house, but since she couldn't stand them one bit, she would decided to move out and join these two hot tall men.

    At the moment as both Liz and Carlene were exploding blow to their faces with bitch slaps. Since well that's what women their age only know how to do. Liz's boss is enjoying a little canoodling with Alex, as she was stretched out for both of them to take a part of her and enjoy kissing and nuzzling against her. So far though. Neither of them has really put a move on Michelle.

    "Say why don't you Alex. Let me climb on top of you and allow me to feel your nice meaty d," she giggles as Michelle would taunt him, "I'd let you touch my D, so let me see." She would tease on, as Alex got a little nervous very quickly.

    "Look Michelle, both me and Max love you allot, but I uh don't think I'm ready to go and do the whole sex thing yet." He would say nervously as his blonde haired twin agrees, "yea Michelle. We both wanna really just take it slow." He would chuckle nervously.

    'What's up with these too?' Michelle asked to herself puzzled, but in reality, she's just been played with by them. Both Alex and Max are actually a gay couple whose been using her for quite awhile. The main reason Alex and Max are messing with the beach manager is cause well the truth was after a little situation that involved with one of them getting accidentally naked due to a shark, and leading to an embarrassing scene with white milk everywhere. They wanted Michelle to never think about that time, and only believe that they loved her, and actually not each other.

    "I'm going to the bathroom." Michelle proceeded out of the room, walking in her same outfit. Thinking that they'd be as good as without her, and likewise. They were. Alex would get on top of Max and would do well... the funky chicken let's call it.

    So as the two barnyard animals do their thing. Michelle looked at herself depressed. Since being turned down by every guy you've tried to ask out denies you really puts a woman like Michelle on edge. She wished she could have more of a body, or better yet. A good control and a sense of empowerment, but the only time she could feel like that is at work, but even with that. She was put on some limits.

    "Life just has to be so cruel." she says to herself, as she went and was about to brush her teeth like she does before bed. She sees what was on a little screen TV. The news that was highlighted: GIANTESSES IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK.

    This only slightly got her attention before she saw how truly disgusting both of them looked. Full of body mass and fat like beyond the imagination of a woman. She grabbed the tiny remote that went for the TV and turned it off. She was apauled by what she just seen, and stepped out of the bathroom shaking her head in thought. As she made it as a joke ounce she walked in, and seen that the boys were done and were laying back down with smiling red faces.

    "Well you ain't going to believe this, but two pigs are rampaging the city. Godzilla size. Could you believe that." She would laugh with joy, but they looked at each other confusingly. "Wait... why do you two look red now?" Michelle stating the obvious, and asking something that both of them fell guilty of.

    To continue their selfish lie. They peered at each other ounce again and bursted out laughing, "ya your right Michelle. That sound so silly." Alex laughed, and Max bobbed his head while falsely giggling. "That sounds so unreal. Maybe their just rolling a movie and the news caught them in the act. Come back to bed now Michelle. We miss you." Max said smiling, but then Alex turned to him stunned.

    "Ummm... actually." She sniffs her breasts a little, faking a sign of stench. Michelle was now determined to know what this whole this was about. "I think I'm going to take a shower. You two okay with that?" she asked smiling and each of them thought that this would be another chance to mess around some more.

    "By all means." They both said in unison, when both of them exchanged blushing looks, as Michelle was out of the room before coming into contact by what they're doing. As she decided to turn the little TV back on and spy on what they're doing. 

    The club was filled with cameras for you to watch and tape sex secretly without the authorities knowing. The TV's are to them like those little screens you have in your kitchen when watching the game on Sunday.  But Michelle wasn't planning to watch it for entertainment or for amusement, but for payback. Ounce she turned it to the cam in the bedroom. At first blury, but soon filtered to see them laying on bed and in her naked eye, see both Max and Alex. Still wearing their big boy boxers, and f**k each other senselessly, just without anything sex related.

    As her face is boiling hot red and she was just about to scream in bloody terror. We go and see Carlene now faced on the ground with Elizabeth on top of her. Her belly crushing on top of the massive curvy titan as she, the other massive curvy titan, was on top of her.

    "Ugh! Are you done yet!" Liz screamed down at her. "This fighting is getting useless!"

    However, as Carlene was refusing to give up. Something really strange happening. With so much force these two were using on their bodies was so overwhelming, was mainly weakening them both. They had no idea that just like the diamond around Carlene's neck, Liz's powers had a bit of a limitation. Sure she can grow and expand beyond human expectations, but over excising their bodies to ungodly actions would cause the powers to wear.

    "Never! You annoying little... ugh... too tired for insults... I'm hungry." Carlene said as her's and Liz's belly started to gurgle and rumble, but this sounded to both of them, deflation, and their bellies started to look smaller and their fat on the rest of their bodies was deflating too. 'What the hell's going on.' Carlene asked herself.

    "WHAT THE **** ARE BOTH OF YOU DOING!" Michelle screamed at the top of her lungs that sounded like that taxi driver whose stuck in a four lane road in downtown Manhattan. "WHY ARE YOU TWO MAKEN OUT! ARE YOU TWO FUCK BRAINS GAY?! EWW! YOU TWO DISGUST ME! LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD!" She screams in disgust, she grabs a vase from the bedroom off of a night stand and throws it into the wall next to where the bed was, and both Max and Alex made a daring duck for it, as it shattered to a million pieces.

    "Were sorry." They both cried in unison. As only Michelle laughed hysterically. After all. Living a life of disappointment, and after just seeing that your two hot dates were just gays in disguise would just make anyone go crazy.

    "SORRY! LEAVE THAT FOR YOUR MOMMY'S WHO HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO YOU ON WOMEN!" She screams and this time throws a book at them that was laying harmlessly on the table where she could grab, and she continues. "YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR WOMAN! YOU ARE BOTH DISGUSTING PIGS! LIARS! AND JACK***ES! I WANNA HEAR NOTHING FROM BOTH OF YOU EVER! GET THE F**K! OUT OF HERE!" She was then starting to kick them good between the legs. 

    Unprotected. They ran earnestly to the door to avoid another knife coming from miss Lara Croft, or in this case, Michelle. Just then the front door opened, but instead of the owner barking about what the noise was. It was two very big, naked woman. It was Carlene and Elizabeth.

    "ELIZABETH!" Michelle said with shock, as she dropped the 10th knife she was about to throw, as 9 are carved all across the walls. "How... what... why do you look so far!?" She was so confused, that her head started to hurt and throb. She sat down on the bed trying to replenish herself.

    Meanwhile, both Carlene and Liz looked confused. How on Earth did they get here? Well after surprisngly shrinking down after they were getting weak, they retreated in their to hide from being seen, as you know. They grew so big and fat that their clothes right down to their panties were too big for them. 

    "Long story, but right now. We need some clothes." Elizabeth said. She was in relief to know that it was someone she could trust, and Carlene. Meanwhile in a little bit of a trust with Liz. Looked at the two hot guys and blushed a bit and giggled at the looks, but their shocked looks gave her the que that they were going to run for the hills. In which they did.

    "Who the hell were they?" Carlene asked pointing them leaving for the stairs. Yea still left in their underwear. As Michelle just grunted and rolled her eyes.

    "Forget about them, and what the hell Liz! First of all you eat along with your fat friend at McDonalds and both got fat, and now your asking me to give you clothes. HELL NO!" Michelle screamed and poked her fat belly. "Is that the story or what."

    "T-that's not it... well..." Elizabeth knew she needed to keep hers and even Carlene's story a secret, but right now. Keeping secrets to Michelle was now like trying to explain to your girlfriend why you went to prom with that sexy Lisa. Impossible.

    "SPILL IT OUT B***H!" Michelle screamed at the top of her lungs again, and Carlene was surprised. Who knew that she wasn't the only one with a sassy mouth. "YOU HAVE SO MUCH EXPLAINING TO DO THAT CLOTHES WON'T BE THE ONLY THING YOU'LL NEED. PLUS I'VE HAD A LONG NIGHT AND I'M REALLY PMS'ing RIGHT NOW!" She pounded her head on the pillow screaming irritatingly.

    "Then can we just have clothes to wear..." just then they began to feel a strange sensation in their bones. It wasn't of growing pleasure, or the extension fo the bones, but it felt like the bones were retracting. She was feeling her head vision was going down every second she was looking at her boss. So was Carlene.

    "HOW ABOUT JUST LEAVE LIZZY!" Michelle screams, as she gets up from the bed, and she doesn't realize it, but on a comparison. Liz now just only came belly button height and Carlene only made up from only just Michelle's chest. And she's only just 5'8. "YOU TAKE YOUR GINGER SOULLESS CREEPY FAT FRIEND OF YOURS TOO! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANYONE ELSE HERE TILL I'M DONE!" She said, as she was proceeding to throw them out.

    "Michelle, please wait..." she said, terrified by how much both of them were now shrinking, and Michelle was like her mother pulling her out of the parents bedroom wee hours in the night when she would ask for a glass of water.

    "DO YOU THINK I HAVE TIME TO WAIT!" She screams, her eyes were bloodshot and she didn't care right now about their sizes, and only saw them as the children that they're. "I'M TAKING YOU BACK HOME LITTLE KIDDIES. OR I'M GOING TO DO THE PUNISHMENT!" She said, as she opened the door, but Carlene out of nowhere was standing up for herself mostly.

    "AIN'T NO WAY AM I BEING PUSHED AROUND BY A TALL ANNOYING B**CH LIKE YOU!" She screamed, as she pounced on top of her and started to slap her face through and through. However, it was to no longer be effective. As she was shrinking now more faster than Elizabeth. As she instantly became 2ft tall. And was almost like doll sized compared to Michelle, who fell on the floor by Carlene's quick launch.

    "HAHAHA! ANNOYING HUH?!" Michelle said with laughing with joy, as she picked Carlene up by the end of her hair, as she creamed in pain, but the boss didn't wanna hear any of it, and then she grabbed Liz's hair too! As she was shrinking down to 3ft, before finally it was slowing down.

    "NOW! MIND TELLING ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE. WHY YOU TWO ARE BOTH SHRINKING, and how are you both shrinking incredibly? Holy cow!" Michelle said surprised now, and also calming down as the confusion state was making her more calm than her angry/sad state. As both slowly continued shrinking.

    "We don't know, but Michelle. There's something I need to tell you." And so, Elizabeth explained everything now that you already know, but their's one thing you don't know yet. Is that just somehow, their presence alone is making them weak with all of Liz's bosses fury to them and to her "ex-possible bf's" was making her more powerful than what she could possibly imagine.

    "So that explains why you left so damn quick on your job, and that explains who this broad is." Michelle concludes, even though Carlene took insult. She said nothing given the circumstances. "Hmmm a very backwash, but seems very real story given everything. Now... your consequences." Michelle thinks and grins. She was going to have fun with her new power, but more was to come.

    "For starters... Liz your fired." Michelle giggled, but Elizabeth looked with shock. "Secondly, Carlene, your going to jail the minute ounce I'm done with you two." She grinned now even more menacingly, and Carlene looked both shock and in distraught. "But for now. I want to have some fun." She said, as she grabbed a hold of her stockings and rolled them off. "Because of them gays not exciting me the least. The only way I'm going to get what i want is with you little tinies." She said, as she laid both of them down on her bed.

    The bed was huge and bouncy, making Carlene jump a little bit with surprise, but she was still pissed, "YOU CAN'T HOLD US HERE LIKE PETS!" She screamed in distraught, but Michelle simply giggled.

    "I'm and I will... you say anything bad about that or I'll just have to shut you up..." Michelle said, lifting her first freed stocking foot, and wiggled it tauntingly down at Carlene. In spite of her small size. it wouldn't be hard for Michelle's foot to quickly slam down on Carlene's small body.

    "I guess the consequences are fair, but why are you firing me for?" Liz asked trembling a bit. Scared for her life with the threat she made on the jewel thief. "All consideration. I'm the hero. Shouldn't you understand that now Michelle?" Elizabeth asked, but Michelle doesn't say a word, but after finally taking off her oversize pair of tight stocks, she then took one pinkie and lifted her panties, and slowly rolled them down to her ankles.

    "You know the answer to that." She teased with a wink, as Michelle thnen finally got up on the bed, and was pretty much naked in front of both Carlene and Liz. "Now then... who do I pick first." She tapped her chin with her index finger and looks down at her choices. Both are very small and tiny. Perhaps an inch tall for both of them. One has a sassy mouth, the other is her ex-employee. Decisions. Decisions.

    So Michelle then lifted her big but very beautiful looking toes up in the air. Like the rest of her. The toes were her best thing. That's why she so very rarely wears any shoes, but only sandals on the beach. And to add to her sexy feet, are her toenail that so delicately colored a jet black color. A very lovely, but bad sign for things to come.

    Those toes weren't far away from Carlene, who slowly tried to back away from this enormous woman who means business. "L-Look... w-what do you want... I-I can um... g-give you my uh..." She was startled, as her toes began to loom closer and closer, as she was instantly thinking of bribes to give Michelle for her life. It was now a life or death situation. Perhaps. "I-I'll give you my diamond! Here! Ya! I don't need it!" Carlene said, laying it out to her. She looks at ti and smirks.

    "Maybe for an earing, but I don't care for it, as for you. Being such a bad naughty thief makes you deserve a punishment." She said, as she slowly makes her toes come down straight for Carlene, as she gulps and remarks Michelle badly.

    "NO I DON'T!" She screams before her mouth was suffocated by the strong stench of body ordor, as her big toe landed on top of Carlene. Literally suffocating her, as she rubbed her face. Smothering her into the bed with a grinding like sensation.

    "You do, and your mouth as well. Now you can't speak." Michelle grins, and she then turns to her last victim. The same one she's been itching and wanting to empower for such a long time, and now tonight was her big chance. Quite literally. "Your next now Elizabeth. Or should I say ExpandoLiz." She giggles, as she removes her bra and untying it. "Your punishment will make up all the time you've missed your evening shift.

    "BUT I THOUGHT I EXPLAINED TO YOU!" She cried. Tears coming down her face. She felt lost and alone. Her powers didn't seem to be effective, and if she could, their wasn't even any water for as far as her tiny eyes could see. Michelle only laughed at her misery.

    "I'm going to enjoy this, because you've always been a boy stealer. Always craving all the attention from me. How am I to compete with a young still beautiful 16 year old girl who could get guys like you in the palm of my hand." She said, as meanwhile, she finally tossed her bra away on the floor, and grabbed the tiny priceless diamond, and placing it in between her massive cleavage.

    "Now for missing your time. Your going to make it up, while smothered inside my boobs with me!" She laughed hysterically ounce more and lifted her up into the air, as Lizzy screamed and pleaded her boss to stop, but by then it was too late. Her vision was now in a room of body flesh, and was now stuck in between all of it. It felt to Elizabeth being stuck in an concentration room at a jail cell. Small and nowhere or nohow to get out.

    Michelle would enjoy her fun a little too much. Smothering and grinding them too much to death. What would be left of them would be little pools of blood, as her breasts were red like aroused, and her feet would feel tickely, and a little sore. It wouldn't be for a half hour till she got up and wished that maybe she could have more control. More power, and because all fo this. She began to grow.

    Unlike the other two who got increasingly fat. Michelle's growth was a tad bit more interesting. As she was making her way down the steps, as the time on the clocks were 5:30. She was about to leave till her surprise that her bones were extending. So much so that she lost her step and fell faced first. This shocked her so much that she got the impression that she missed her step, but in actuality. it was more than that, and her first part of her body to extend were her hands.Usually long and delicate. They never were this big or long before, and they were extending very fast, soon pushing against another room that a couple were having sex that they probably didn't hear, but they'll soon know, as her legs too started to extend and grow. The pain of growing was excruciating.  As much as she wished this to happen so long ago, she wanted it now to stop.

    "PLEASE! No more!" She begged, as the diamond was ounce again causing the whole aciton, and her breasts started to make her pant with the force they were expanding. Michelle was naked, so bras or t-shirts weren't a problem. She loved showing all of her junk so coming down the steps naked and arousing the folks staying at the club was her goal. Now it was to really cover up quick before someone would see, but soon her breasts would become twice, no three times, or even four times larger than her head, and her nipple pressed against the couples wall and the boyfriend notices it.

    "WHAT THE HELL!" He woke up in shock, laying with his girlfriend passed out with so much wine they shared and drank. He got up from his bed and tried to step out to see what it was, but it was locked, do to the fact cause her limbs were now starting to expand and catch up with the rest of her growing body.

    "NO MORE!" Michelle screamed, which punctured the mans eardrums, and woke up his girlfriend. As her entire chest started to reach the ceiling, brushing it, but with the weight of the roof, it only made a crack into it, but the weight was starting to cave it in. The residents were shocked to hear the crumbling sound.  But now she was focused also on her butt, that was now also growing and entirely breaking the stairway she was on, knocking it down and breaking entry from the two story building, but with no entire logic. It kept still.

    From the first and second story building, everyone was complaining about the situation unfolding right now. The girlfriend notice the nipple and she was shocked and smacked her boyfriend. Knocking him down with how so much he was dazed and wasted. It was becoming a growing issue. But where's the owner you might ask. Well he's actually not even their. But at a bar, hung over on his shoulders. Sipping his last drink. Just a couple of blocks down, as his club was being destroyed now by a growing 30ft giantess.

    Michelle tried to get up. Caring not for the lives inside, her breasts and butt broke the rest of the 2 corner walls, the ceiling included to smithereens. Falling on some innocent people, who screamed now coming from outside, as residents were finding other ways to get out. Like stepping out of the wall. As Michelle's body was uneven, she lost her balance and fell over again. This time on a couple of recognizable characters.

    Do you wanna know what happened to Max and Alex after they left the club? Well they kinda didn't. In fact. They decided to enjoy themselves. Sleeping on a bench and making love their; without surprisingly gettin caught by the cops. Ounce they were up was the same time when Michelle was still impressively growing larger.

    "Well... last night was the greatest night I've ever had." Alex said romantically to Max.

    "I thought the same too." He said as he held his hand close. "I love you Alex." Max said so sweetly and convincingly. Thinking only about how great their lives now are as they realized how much they needed each other, but unaware for the giant butt that was going to land on top of them.

    "Me too..." Before Alex could finish, a big rumbling could be heard and a huge booty landed on top of them, as Michelle accidentally backwards than forwards because of the wall and her posture, but soon her head will catch up to her instantly at this point. This left Michelle feeling shocked that it was over, and a little excited now that it was too, and the whole thing of now being a 50ft giantess. the rest of her body pancaked the rest of the buildings.

    "Hehe. I love being big. So much so that I might just get used to this." Michelle giggles with joy and just with her emotion of joy. Michelle would keep on growing, and growing, and growing. Her bones would extend of course with pain, but she instantly got used ot it. And eventually she'll become 100ft tall! She stood up, after crushing countless neighborhoods with trees, houses, buildings, cars and even people, because of her feet, legs, hands, arms, and of course her gluteus maximus.

    "But what should I do first...?" Michelle grins devilishly.


Michelle's Ending (GTS Story)
Well here's the last part to my ExpandoLiz Series. I hope many of you have enjoyed this and my journey to better myself in this new realm of GTS stories. This series I'm proud of the most cause this si my first one I tried out and overall. I think these were very well. If you want to see more, or if you're new to my account and found this and want to see more in this series. Check out the links below. They're in order:

1) ExpandoLiz! to the RESCUE! (GTS Story)
2) Elizabeth's Ending (GTS Story)
3) Carlene's Ending (GTS Story)

Again just like before. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and let me know how you'd like me to change something, or anything, and how'd you like to see me improve, and check out for my GTS stories in the future!

And also. If you did like it. "REMEMBER TO HIT THAT :+fav: BUTTON IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS!" A quote from an awesome YTuber from Ireland.
Michelle's Ending and my last part to ExpandoLiz series is coming to an end today, but I'm sure with allot more things coming with this one. This last ending will make you both laugh and get well excited for what's to come. ;) Sorry for the long excessive wait. With computer issues, along with school work having to get done. With also being sometimes sick, made my absence seem longer than what needed to be, but I'm sure with the end to this GTS story series. I'm sure this will make up for it. :)
If you wanna know why I've changed my account. The main reason was that looking back at my poll, it seemed that just 10 other people wanted to see my account change to The-GTS-Writer. So since I thought it could make some changes with what I'm actually doing here, so I've changed my account name for the new direction I'm going for this new account. Hope most of you like it.
Mar 23, 2017
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Sorry for not being on much recently. I'm working right now on my new laptop I just bought and it runs slow. ^^; So I'd just like to apologize for my delay.

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    [Meanwhile, as Chris immediately got Nora's attention for just that second, panic was all over the city.]

Los Angeles was indefinitely on high alert. Everyone has seen the growing goddess all across the skyline, and now since she was doubled the size of the city, everyone beneath her were running away from her massive feet, before it became too late.
    From the police to the emergency crews were professionally doing what they could to help everyone escape from certain destruction, but it was too late ounce Nora's massive foot crushed down onto the tiny metropolis.
    This destroyed almost 100% of all of the ounce tall and glorious skyscrapers in Los Angeles, all of glorious Hollywood to the beautiful beaches were all flattened. The few things that remained at this point were the interstate highways, but her enormous stomp cause such a great earthquake that pretty much all of California was shook awake from a quiet evening to a shaking presence.
    Nora meanwhile looked down with confusion at Chris saying. I love you. Those words never slipped from his mouth since the day they started dating. He never would tell her that on restaurant nights, movie nights, when they would sleep together, never before did I hear those words from my old love. This took me away, and I gave him a nice big smile, and brought him closer and closer before kissing him pleasantly, nice and warmly did it felt like lasted a lifetime.
    Chris was stuck in Nora's enormous lips, if he did even try to wiggle out, ti would mean death because now her fingers were slightly separated and it would be easier fro him to slip right through and fall for his immediate death.But inside, he was loving it just as much as Nora was. This felt like their first actually meaningful kiss since they met ounce again.
    What about that b**ch Sandra? Well to take back "her man." She decided to take a road sign from the highway and stab it into her palm. It was a stop sign she used, and she was certain that it would make her feel a hell of allot of pain. Being an athlete meant that she was going to have to work on her muscle endurance, in which she did. Lifting that caution sign was like carrying a bar to lift.
    This was like jabbing a toothpick into a person's arm. I could most definitely feel the pain pierce my skin, but it didn't seem like much, but it came so unexpected that I let out from all of the instant bee like sting.
    "OWWW!" She caused the ground to shake even more to now cracks could be seen and were stretching all across parts of the United States. As far as Washington D.C. This also began to cause her to grow bigger with all of the anger and hatred he still felt for Sandra.
    Sandra snickered simply and grabbed his man ounce he began to fall off her lips. Losing that one time deal, she grabbed his arm from confusion straight to the edge of her finger tips. She was planning to jump, but from how far will they fall before their faces will become like blood prints to the ground? However, Chris goes ahead with the plan as the "couple" jumped from Nora's finger tip to the ground, as they glided in the night sky, it was soon too late as this gust of wind was pressing them back up to Nora. It wasn't a downdraft, but from Nora's breathing in. Sucking them up.
    I just completely cracked. My mind just told me to suck everyone down my gullet, the Earth included. Everyone was just going to be dicks to me forever, and no one wasn't going to show me respect, so it's time to force it down her throat. Literally. She started by eating Chris and Sandra, as they scream when they go down her gullet, as a black mass started to form wider again, as now cities and countries were lifted off from the Earth to her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She exceeded more bigger than any time before.
    Since she was pretty much swallowing everyone in his path. She was most certainly become too big for the world itself, and when that happen, the Earth itself just collapsed under her own weight, much like a star when it gets too big. The whole Earth exploded like a tiny scar, and Nora was completely unscathed, but not for the billions that were still alive below her massive booty, as she laid their to keep the flames from hurting her, it felt like a tickle.
    Nora would continued to keep on growing and growing at this point, and soon when she witnesses all the other planets of the solar system, she began to swallow those up too, or rather they came into her lips by her mere force of energy, planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars however had different fates. Mars ended up stuck between Nora's massive pair of girls and began to be destroyed under her weight, just like Venus, but that planet got stuck between her large booty, and as for Mercury, well that came straight at her face, but instead of giving her pain like a baseball, as big as it was. It simply destroyed as if her head was made out of steal.
    [Many of hours later... wait their really isn't no hours, seconds, or heck even minutes now. No Earth to really determine that... Oops. :shrug: oh well.]

I was all alone at that point. Everything was small, tons of galaxies don't even come close to matching my size. I was the size of super enormous  black hole, and I was, but what kept other galaxies from getting swallowed was my realization that everything was gone. It would take me what would feel like days for me to get over thug as I would cry night and day. (Whatever that was.) Until I met a goddess.
 The goddess was the definition of beautiful, but what was increadibly unique about this goddess was that her eyes were closed, and from Nora's one eye she could see that. Was the goddess just waking up? She soon got her answer when she spoke clearly to her.
 "Hello Nora... I thought I'd meet your presence here." She said smiling, "my names Cassidy, the goddess of life and creation. Sorry I cannot see you eye to eye, because of my current blind state." The goddess would giggle and walk closer. "So a human turning into a goddess. It must be very nice now you can see somewhat." She said, as if she knew how she felt.
 Nora began to tear up, I completely couldn't stand Cassidy herself. She reminded her of what she was like before all this happened. "I-I'm so sorry... I-I just..." Before she would go and plea to her, the goddess put her lips on her.
 "Everything is done now goddess of the abyss... the world eventually will grow back and a new generation will come and make up what you've done. No one will remember a growing goddess, but everyone will know you by one name, a Black Hole."
    She didn't like the name, and she gulped in complete shock and disbelief. No that didn't sound like her one bit.
    "B-But that isn't me..." Nora said, tears forming in her eyes. "Please Cassidy... b-bring me back..." She said as she began to cry softly. "I-I don't..."
    Cassidy would comfort her by a simple kiss on the cheek, she smiled warmly.
    "Nora darling listen to me. Your mom wouldn't want you to cry now. She'd want you to move on. Like you should, do what you wish, but I cannot make you back a human. The rock on your necklace ounce it's made you into your final form, you'll not be able to take it off, but... I can promise you that one day, Earth will see you again, and you'll be loved like how your mom loved you." Cassidy would smile and disappear into the void of space.
    "W-wait. WAIT!!!" Nora would scream in desperation to ask her something else, but then Cassidy would answer it.
    "Let time tell itself, and you just might meet a new love of your life." She said, "but for now" explaining her consequence "you best learn to control your power."

Nora: THE END... well for my story at least, but of course a new life has stated stagain for when I met a cute writer and a very lovable friend that would become my new boyfriend. *She would smile, looking down at John. Remembering the time where they met, as he was alone on top of a hill one night, and he would see her, and they would talk and instantly became friends. However, their friendship would be shaken when he would not see her much anymore, and he began to think Nora doesn't care anymore, till one night, she scooped the Earth up in her hands and would then grab John and kiss him wildly.
John: *Blushes* Hehe, well I guess I was kinda a bit of a wuss for not believing you would come back to me. *He would smile, finally awake after a nice nap* I'm happy though that you did, and after your very sad tale... I'm glad to be your boyfriend.*Kisses her enormous lips lovingly, as Nora was holding him in her palm*
Nora: Aww... that's so sweet of you baby. *Blushes super red* now though... *grins*... I think their someone else that we need to finish this up. *She would then move ehr attention down on Earth, and  was meanwhile on my laptop on my bed typing away, and I soon feel my house begin to move up and up, as if being levitated by some magicians wacky trick.
Cody (Me): H-hey! HEY! What's all this! *I would scream till it was over, and when I opened my front door, I noticed I was no longer in Wisconsin, but on a goddess's hand.
Nora: Hellooo Cody. You and I have a little chat for later, I deserve a good explanation. *She would grin, and I simply gulp, she would ounce again to the Earth and smile lovingly* Thanks for many of you tines for listening to my story. I hope this will explain myself, and would no longer be worried about who I'm*
John: Awww *he smiles and grabs her noes, and cutely dangles on it, like he was George of the jungle, and he was on a vine* Everyone is astonished of your existence. Your a goddess Nora. Don't worry anymore about people hating you.
Nora: *Smiles warmly* Cassidy was right... *Praise her soul. Nora said, remembering the goddess being older than her, dying after getting older for a goddess, which was a million years old. She would always remember her word, and for some way, she felt like it was mom. Always their for me, and sure enough she was.

The End.

The Black Hole (Part 4-2)
Sorry if this seemed very short. It was a bit hard to think of how to end this, but I did just the best I could. Hope everyone liked this ending to the story of my actual first indepth OC, and perhaps only indepth OC I would make. Nora, the BLACK HOLE goddess of the Abyss.
This new pole and a couple of more will be on a new project I'm working. It'll be for the Fan-Fiction on Yandere Simulator. I still am thinking of a name for it, so if anyone could also possibly give me some ideas that would be grand.
What is your favorite type of growth?
23 deviants said Getting Taller.
11 deviants said You perfer just Shrinking.
6 deviants said Breast/Butt Expansion.
6 deviants said A Combination of the 2.
6 deviants said All of them! (Except for 9.)
4 deviants said Weight Gain.
3 deviants said Uneven (She doesn't grow the same way.)
1 deviant said Pear Shape (She get's a nice elegant curve.)
1 deviant said Muscle.
No deviants said Foot Expansion.
Thx for the 284 views today guys. :) I think with how long I've been here (which is now almost a year) is the most views in one day I've ever had. I couldn't thank you enough for the views today.
Alright so one person have asked me why haven't I made a schedule when to RP and when to write stories on my other account, so since I've never thought of doing that. I decided to do that anyways, and this schedule will be both on here and on the other account since they'll both be related to both. This could be changed, so just know that these will be flexible due to the day, but I'll promise to make this fair.

On Weekends: Till Friday May 26th(graduation for me), these days will be my times where I'll have nothing much to do and have more time RP'ing and writing. Although I may not be on ALL THE TIME. I'll make sure I'll send a response if either you ask me, or when you're online, so just know.

RP'ing times: 9am till 5pm (This time is wide ranged because i find it allot easier for me to write at night than during the daytime, since it's been said writers can writer and get more ideas and be more creative during nighttime, and during the daytime it's just hard for me to type up stories, so what i'd like to do the most at this time is just RP. I'm usually up way before 9 and sometimes even 6, so expect me to at least beyond before or a little after 9:00 a.m. my american eastern standard time.  At 5 pm, I find this as a time where usually people are not much on, and a few maybe, but not much, so on weekends, I'll consider this a time where I'll switch to writing a story.)

Writing times: 5pm till 12pm (Like I said, this is the time where I have a strong creative mind and I feel so badly wanting to just type up a story. So these will be around the times where I'll write maybe one a time, but this doesn't mean I can't RP around here too, after all I know a few who do RP at night late, but this will be the time frame where I'll write mostly and go back to RP'ing till 12:00 midnight (again my time) to bed.

On Weekdays: Till again my graduation these are more specific than weekends, I after all still have school till May 23rd, till then I gotta make this schedule to split these two apart since it's most difficult here.

RP'ing times: 5:30 till 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 till 8:00 p.m. (In the morning before I go to school (which is 6:50 a.m before 7 I gotta get on the bus) I can find more time on finishing RP's sometimes than just write since I've just woke up and I find it easy. Sometimes I might be up even at 2 o'clock in the morning, but this same schedule does apply, but the difference here is when I get home at around 4, I'll only RP up till 8, because for one my mind is set off from RP'ing and I'd just like to take a break since I've had quite a day and I just would like to do what I want to do, and like during weekends I don't feel as though a whole lot of people are on, but this will be a moment at 8pm where I'll switch from RP'ing and to write.

Writing times: 8:00 till 11:00 p.m. (Again I still might RP at this time after I write, but this will be the time where I'll be more committed to do my next story. However, as times go when I go to bed here it's usually before 11 so I don't stay up as long as I used to I mean I could stay up all night a couple of years ago when I was a young teen, but now I just get tired all together at around after 9, but I still enjoy writing, so it's usually how I feel on a specific day.)

So this is my schedule for DA here, again this will be updated to the future, school is almost over for me in just two weeks (excluding weekends) till me (a senior) is done, but I thought I'd be generous to give my friends an idea when I RP and when I just want to write. Thanks allot and i hope this helps.


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He dudes, names Cody, or I'd like to call myself on here, TheDAWriter, I choose that name since I'm looking to show my creative ideas throughout DeviantArt. I not only like to write Fiction Stories on Action, Adventure, and Fantasy, but also like to Role play on anything that can be fantasy, action pact, and maybe also some GT styled RP's as well, just those that could go beyond normal life, so send me requests for ideas to write, I'm always open to new ideas.


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